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America with a 'British' feel to it, steeped in history and full of little picturesque fishing ports that offer a rich array of maritime and industrial heritage. With so much to offer, peace and tranquillity, dramatic scenery, clean air, excellent beaches and charming bed and breakfast in Massachusetts South Shore no wonder it is a very popular destination catering for all tastes and ages! This beautiful region provides a marvellous diversity where you can lounge on exquisite beaches, sail its shores, fish its rivers, play excellent golf, sit in a real World War II submarine and torpedo boats or be entertained and travel back in time to the year of 1627.
There's lots of fascinating history in Plymouth, see where the Mayflower ship first landed in 1620 bringing 102 religious Separatists passengers from Holland and England and where they set up a new home. Plymouth Rock, with the date 1620 engraved on it, marks the spot where the settlers first landed is located just steps away from the Mayflower II, the accurate ship's replica of the ship bobs in the pretty bay and offers a chance to see what kind of conditions had to be endured to undertake such a voyage in the 17th century. You'll find a viewing area and behind Plymouth Rock is the Plymouth Wax Museum. Grey structures reminiscent of the colonists' early dwellings can be found with scenic seaside views and horse-drawn carriage tours during warmer months. You'll find stylish, affordable and friendly bed and breakfasts in Massachusetts South Shore appealing and inviting!

Whilst in Plymouth why not visit Plimouth Plantation, the early settlers' village and living museum depicting life in 1627, probably the town's biggest attraction, this outdoor living museum is staffed with actors dressed in period outfits who re-enact the days and lives of the settlers describing the voyage on the famous Mayflower. You are welcomed to join the pilgrims for a day and explore an Indian homestead where you'll hear the stories of brave adventurers together with their friends the Indians whose kindness kept them alive during the first years. Within the Pilgrim Memorial State Park is a simple glacial boulder resting on the shore of the harbor that has become a world famous symbol of the courage and faith of the men and women who founded the first New England colony. Other interesting treasures are 5 stunning sandy beaches, Cranberry World, New England's "original cranberry winery”, a “Super-sports Family Fun-park” and not forgetting the excellent hobby of whale watching rated 4th in the world.

Scituate is a little seaside community founded by the Plymouth Colony settlers some time before 1634 when the Scituate church was constructed. Here you'll find superb beaches and lively shopping areas, sights to visit are the Lawson Tower, a 153 foot high water tower that was built in 1902 a replica of a fifteenth century Roman tower and now listed in the National Register. There is also a picturesque granite block lighthouse built in 1811. Not far away you'll find Duxbury, a fascinating little locality. North River Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield is a nature's paradise of nearly a mile of boardwalk leading through a red maple swamp and small cattail marsh towards a salt marsh overlooking the North River, as well a woodland area. Look out for the harbor seals as they frolic in the river, occasionally swimming past the platform at the end of the boardwalk. A great range of sightseeing and a variety of exciting activities located near excellent bed and breakfast in Massachusetts South Shore are available for your convenience to make sure you enjoy your visit to the full!

Nestled within easy reach of New Bedford, is the famous Battleship Cove where you can walk almost freely throughout the retired U.S. battleships. One other historic vessel is the submarine “Lionfish” that fought battles during both World War II and the Korean War. Its crew fought the French off Casablanca during World War II and later the submarine was sent to the Pacific theatre of war. Climb the staircases to the upper decks of the ships and see up close the great guns and the lookout areas atop these huge giants. Deep in the lower decks of the submarine Lionfish, visitors can catch a glimpse of the area where torpedoes were stored. Also on display is the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, named after the President's brother, played a role in the Korean Wars and also prevented a Soviet-charted ship during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other vessels at Battleship Cove include the German ship Hiddensee and PT boats, which are smaller motor torpedo boats that could easily sink a battleship. Other enjoyments are the historic New Bedford Whaling National Park, a unique Museum that explores the interaction of humans with whales. It was here that Herman Melville made reference to Moby Dick.

Fairhaven offers the visitor a variety of recreational facilities and historic features. Within Fort Phoenix State Reservation park area are breathtaking scenic views and a marvellous half-mile of Buzzards Bay beachfront with Marion and Middlesboro nearby. If you like hiking and biking then a visit to Lloyd Center in South Dartmouth should not go amiss, this five trail wonder offers over 55 acres of maritime forest on the edge of an estuary for you to admire and enjoy the stunning scenery at your own pace. The Osprey Point Trail takes you past two of the largest holly trees in the state, which are particularly spectacular to witness in winter.

A region of farms and lush pastoral scenery is where you'll discover beautiful Westport on the Atlantic Ocean located at the western end of Buzzards Bay, the wide 2-mile long sandy beach is breezy all year round, providing excellent wind surfing and a welcoming cooling air from the sweltering inland temperatures during summer. Horseneck Beach State Park provides swimming and endless waters sport pursuits, spread across nearly 600 acres of barrier beach and salt marsh. Mattapoisett is also set on Buzzard's Bay, a wonderful resort town that began as a shipbuilding village a century ago, with many summer homes and beautiful mansions is protected from over development and thus remains a charming little village offering a slow and relaxed pace. Attleboro, provides the traveller with not only excellent amenities but Capron Park and a good Zoo. Further west is a quiet town named Seekonk, another marvellous place to visit.

To guarantee that you truly do feel at home, the International flavor of Somerville does just that! This vibrant community close to Boston where over fifty different languages are spoken and over fifteen religions are practiced, it also provides an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world each with its own distinct flavor giving the visitors a vast variety of culture, history and lots of attractions and due to its pretty location you'll find many good local artists displaying their exceptional talent! Close to all the main attractions, you'll find bed and breakfast in Massachusetts South Shore very good bases from which to explore this charming and unique region!